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Christian  Artist Promotion 
Christian Poetics is a network of  established artists in their communities who are using their gifts to bring uplifting and encouraging messages to the world with a christian vibe. This ministry also serve as a platform for christian artists across all genres (poets, rappers, singers, dancers, musicians, actors, comedians) to promote their individual projects, as well as group works. 

HOTT Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

H.O.T.T. Pink is Christian Poetics's ongoing Breast Cancer awareness fundraising initiative to support public education relating to risks, screenings, and early detection of breast cancer among men and women, globally. 

EAT Life (Exclamations, Acclamations, & Thoughts of Life) Creative Writing Cafe is a youth writing program  for ages 5 - 17.  The following are its functions:
*  Promote creative expression and Language Arts development through the use of descriptive and imaginative writing, vocabulary building, exposure to diverse literature genres, and the use of creative writing to help foster analytical and problem solving skills.
* Encourage character building using creative writing to encourage self esteem and confidence with public sharing, along with positive self identity and team building with peers. 
* Establish a network for young writers and provide literary resources to refine their writing development.
* Offering programs in after school settings, community centers, and private workshops.  "The Cafe" is fun, innovative, and guaranteed to spark the creative mind!

Savvy Living Lifestyles

Savvy Living Lifestyles is the health and wellness initiative of Christian Poetics.  We believe it is important to properly maintain our bodies since they are the temples of the Holy Spirit.  We also believe maintaining a balanced homeostatic relationship between mind, body, and spirt is necessary to optimally access the God-given potential placed in all of our lives, enabling us to fully walk in our purpose and fulfill our destiny.  We offer regular tips and information relating to nutrition, exercise, and stress management techniques in an effort to encourage the world to "live on purpose."  We are also huge advocates of incorporating prayer as an essential part of the day, which has been discussed in research as having positive effects on overall health and well being.  Monica Matthews-Smith is an independent member and health coach with Herbalife, which is currently the #1 nutrition and weight management brand in the world.